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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Remember When...

Everyone in USA will be confronted with memories of 11 years ago. "The Day That Changed The World" is a very true statement. I had just moved to Ohio and left my wife in Omaha to finish selling our house as I started a new job--a new life.  It definitely was a life-changing day. It was the "modern-day Pearl Harbor" for Americans. It impacted how I viewed the world and it definitely impacted how we currently live in the world. I was angry, I was scared. 

Each of us have significant memories/moments in our life that makes us go a different direction--whether emotionally, physically, professionally, psychologically, etc. These moments are wake-up calls. Sometimes they are a complete redirection of your life and/or feelings. These moments might be a short conversation or off-the-cuff circumstance--or they could even be a large life impacting/threatening event. Regardless, they impact us.

Unfortunately, we often keep these feelings/thoughts too short-lived. Within a short period of time, we go back to our "old normal". We lose the zeal or passion to keep the change going. Our persistence wanes. I've been working to regain these feelings over the past several months. I made promises to myself that I have not kept. I reach-out to these old feelings/thoughts and realize that they still impact me strongly--I'm just not keeping them at the forefront of my thoughts and actions. 

It's time to refocus on these moments and allow the ripples to continue.


  1. Well said. The ripple effects of that day will be felt for generations to come. It also speaks to our arrogance as a nation. We believe the hype that we are untouchable; a leading world power that nobody dare attack. History reminds us that we are vulnerable and capable of impact. I know the pain of mortal discovery and understand the desire to ignore the implications of that discovery. This is a day to remember not only our fallen but also those that lived; the ones that will forever carry with them the memory of running past friends and family that had fallen victim to the terrorist attack. My prayers go out to the nation as a whole; that we may learn from our history and not be destined to repeat it.

  2. Matt,
    This DAY shook MY world as it was then. My son was in Wichita and I was nearly 4 hours away. I vowed to change that as soon as possible...thus the move to this side of the Prairie! Family is most important to me! I NEVER want to be that far from my son again! We have a unique relationship, he and I. I ALWAYS want to be HERE for him! Follow your heart. It will lead you to your dreams where you will find peace, once again!